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How to put 4 different salads in the same bowl

by Trish on October 27th, 2012

We were having falafels last night, which are great but haven’t got the cheeriest of colours shining up from your plate to welcome you home from your working day.  Having ‘just a bit of salad’ with them and sauces to go on them wouldn’t therefore do.  When it’s raining outside you kinda want some zing and I don’t hold with putting things in pitta bread unless one is out and has no option but to eat while walking.  I first decided I wanted to dish up 4 different things in one of those compartmentalised dishes, then I remembered we don’t own one so I worked out a way to get 4 things tidily into the same bowl.  To recreate the culinary wonder you see before you, you have to *shock horror* not mind tinfoil briefly touching your food.

You will need:

  • A bowl
  • Pair of chopsticks
  • Tinfoil, one side of which at least is spotlessly clean
  • Something to scrunch up inside the tinfoil to make it take up more space
  • 4 salads or other things to put in the bowl
    1. Place chopsticks across each other over the top of the bowl making 4 spaces
    2. Make 3 balls from tinfoil and whatever you’re putting inside (I used recycled kitchen roll) and place these in 3 of the spaces
    3. Starting with your most solid salad, place salads into the spaces, removing one tinfoil ball at a time
    4. You can add a sauce or something semi-liquid like houmous or a thick dip into the final space
    5. Remove the chopsticks and stick something pretty in the middle like parsley, olives or one of those tomatoes that has been carved to look like a… *fails to describe*
IMAG0608 IMAG0610

Looks a lot better when well-lit and photographed with a better camera.

4 salads

Salads clockwise from bottom left: grated carrot (including the lesser-known yellow carrots, for in fact carrots do come in many colours – and look like they might just be fizzy), houmous (low fat varieties taste nicer = discovery of the month), tomatoes and cucumber, baked beetroot/beets with satsuma and flat leaf parsley.  In the middle are some olives because I can’t carve tomatoes to look good and had already used parsley.

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